Welcome! Essentially, I will be using this blog as a revision aid for A Level History; the topics explored in my course include:

Democracies in change: Britain and the USA in the 20th century
The Experience of British Warfare
General Douglas Haig

The main focus of this blog will be politics in 20th century Britain and 19th century British warfare as they are the topics I enjoy most.


I will be evaluating different viewpoints of the period; constructing essays; assessing the impact of problems/reforms; and reflecting how far Britain changed in the 20th century. Oh, and expect the odd post where I try to make a joke – if we can’t laugh at our nation’s past mistakes, what else are we supposed to do?

Image is of Clement Attlee: Labour Prime Minister, 1945-51. Often remembered for winning the 1945 election with a ‘landslide victory’ and implementing the 1944 Beveridge Report. I believe that he was the most successful 20th century British Prime Minster as his progressive attitude towards the Welfare State was the best mindset for post-war Britain; he gave Britain that much needed helping hand to recover after the tragedy of the Second World War.